Anthony grew up on the seven hills of Cincinnati, Ohio. As an only child, he kept himself amused by concocting epic adventures for his teams of action figures, a fondness for storytelling that has continued to this day. His interest in the arts really took off at the age of nine when he picked up a trumpet for the first time and discovered the allure of music.

The trumpet served as his primary artistic outlet in marching, jazz, and symphonic bands throughout high school and college. That is, until a fateful night in late 2000 that involved gin and tonics, the movie Swingers, and an Earth-shattering epiphany. Overnight his career and life paths changed, beginning in earnest his pursuit of filmmaking.

Since graduating The Ohio State University in 2003 with degrees in Psychology and Film Studies, Anthony worked in broadcast television and the hotel audio/visual industry until beginning graduate film school at USC in 2007.

While at USC, he produced a number of advanced films, as well as a music video for recording artist Lifehouse through a competition sponsored by Heineken. Anthony wrote and directed his thesis film, Found, which screened at over 20 film festivals around the world and won multiple awards. His career focus is on directing genre films with compelling character-driven stories that delve into matters of the human spirit.

Anthony directed his first feature in 2020 and is currently in post production.


Wrapped (…again)!

I know, I know... it's much too early for pickups! But there's always been this sequence that's bothered me all the way back to the script stage and I could never quite put my finger on why. Well, we recently watched David Fincher's new film 'Mank' and I was immediately inspired to take the sequence in a different direction... something that will be much more interesting for the story. A couple days later (today), we're


First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year is a weird one, not being able to visit people. But I'm much more buoyed than I expected to be... probably because, instead of Thanksgiving, it feels a bit more like Christmas morning... I purposely haven't provided any updates over the last several months because I didn't want to jinx anything. After the demoralizing postponement of Gateway, you can't be too careful. But last night, after many

Creativity: Our Cure for Depression

It was a rough go of it for a few weeks after postponing The Gateway House. It didn't help that Brian and I live in our primary location, which remained full of props and set dec for the shoot... a constant reminder of just how close we were. Then a couple weeks ago (few weeks ago? I really don't know... time has become meaningless in lockdown) Brian and I started brainstorming a new idea... something


Our Art Team was at our house all day yesterday painting, starting to dress the set, and building some of our more unique props. I was at a coffee shop all afternoon and evening working on the shot list. Our producers were doing... producer-y stuff. We were a day and a half away from production. Yesterday was also a big day for COVID-19. Tom Hanks tested positive. The NBA shut down its season. And several

One Week!

As of this morning, we're down to one week until the beginning of production. I'm equal parts excited and terrified, overwhelmed and confident. Most of that confidence stems, from the people I've surrounded myself with... the cast and crew are all incredible, to the point where sometimes I'm not sure I even have to do anything! Hahaha. Okay, but seriously... back to