I approach headshot photography with a director’s mindset. I’ve flipped through thousands of headshots online for various projects over the years, and there’s a certain quality in the ones that really speak to me that is absent from all the rest. It’s as if the actor is reaching through the screen and latching onto my soul, demanding my attention. I like to shoot a lot and explore so that we can find those couple shots that make people take notice. I’d love the opportunity to explore with you.


Headshot Package: $75

What the Package includes:

-a 1-2 hour “walkabout” session (however long it takes for both of us to be happy with the results)

-2 Looks (a “look” is defined as a wardrobe change)

-Proof Sheets of all usable session photos delivered within a couple days

-3 fully retouched, high res, completed photos (you choose 2, I choose 1) delivered within a week after you’ve decided on your selects


To book a session, please email me at:






The Session & Photos

What if I want more looks?

No problem! I’m happy to spend more time with you and capture more images. Each additional look is an extra $25, and comes with an additional retouched photo. Please note, if you are simply adding or removing glasses, a tie, a jacket, etc., that will not count as an additional look.


There are so many that I like… what if I can’t pick just 2?

Again, not a problem! I will fully retouch any additional images for $25 each.


How far in advance should I book?

As soon as possible, but at minimum a week in advance. If you need something sooner, go ahead and still reach out… if I can find time, I absolutely will.


How should I prepare?

The best thing you can do is come into the session knowing what you want. Consult with your agent or manager prior to the session. Also, might not be a bad idea to bring a small snack with you to keep energy up!


What if I need the finished images sooner?

Let me know this as early as you can, and I should be able to make it a rush order. An extra fee will be applied, amount to be determined based on how quickly you would need them.


Where will the photos be taken?

I’ll come to you (or meet somewhere, if you’d prefer), and we’ll begin our “walkabout” to find areas with ideal backdrops. I prefer natural light and candid expressions, so getting out of a studio environment can help spice things up, so to speak. For your reference, all of the headshots shown in the collection above were taken in found locations.


I know LA is *always* sunny and beautiful, but what happens if we get bad weather the day of the shoot?

We’ll definitely keep track of the forecast in the days ahead of the shoot, and if it seems weather will negatively impact the shoot, I will work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.


What if I need to reschedule?

Just let me know at least 48 hours in advance, and it shouldn’t be a problem.


May I view any photos during the shoot?

Yes, it will be a constant discussion to be sure we are getting what you need.


Why do you choose one of the three to be retouched?

Over the years I have noticed that a lot of people struggle to view photos of themselves objectively and critically. Actors are no different! And far too often the best headshot goes unchosen. In deciding on your two, I would recommend getting outside opinions… and preferably from the likes of your agent, director friends, or casting directors. Non-industry friends and family are wonderful, but they don’t necessarily view headshots with the same sort of critical eye.


How should I pay you?

I prefer cash or check as payment methods.


Hair & Makeup

Will there be a professional hair and makeup artist?

It’s not included with the package. If you would prefer to have someone present, we can make arrangements for an additional fee. Just a note, none of the photos above had professional hair and makeup done.


So if I don’t order a hair and makeup artist, how should I prepare?

Come to the session camera ready. We’ll have time for some final tweaks before we begin, but when you come through the door you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

The most important thing is to look like YOU. Generally speaking, the more natural you look, the better the results.


Can we make changes in the middle of the shoot?

Depends on how drastic. I wouldn’t go from curly hair to straight (or vice versa), but hair down to hair up should be fine. Men, if you have facial hair and want the last look to be clean shaven, please be sure to bring all of your necessary supplies.



Should I bring more than just the two looks?

Yes, I would suggest bringing a few different options. Options are always good. We will go through them at the beginning of the session and choose what’s best.


What are some do’s?

-If you have a favorite shirt or dress or jacket that you think is flattering, wear that. If it looks good in real life, it’ll probably look good on camera. You’ll also probably feel more comfortable in it!

-Layers (jackets, etc.) are usually fantastic

-Modern cuts that fit well

-Solid colors

-Textures can be good


What about don’ts?

-Nothing too baggy

-Unless you’re specifically going for a retro feel or want a headshot specifically for period work, I would avoid outdated styles and cuts.

-Please don’t wear white, unless it’s part of a layered ensemble (underneath a jacket, etc.)

-No crazy-busy patterns or pinstripes