Our Art Team was at our house all day yesterday painting, starting to dress the set, and building some of our more unique props. I was at a coffee shop all afternoon and evening working on the shot list. Our producers were doing… producer-y stuff. We were a day and a half away from production.

Yesterday was also a big day for COVID-19. Tom Hanks tested positive. The NBA shut down its season. And several big productions all across town began pulling the plug.

Brian and I had an hour-long conference call with our producers and AD last night. Ultimately, for the health and safety of our cast and crew, we decided to postpone. Anyone who’s been following my journey knows this was a goal I’ve been pursuing for MANY years. We were a day and a half away. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make.

Then came the phone calls to our lead actors and key crew to let them know. That was tough. I feel grateful that everyone committed to returning to the project whenever this pandemic allows us to resume production.

But, man… a day and a half…