Things have been moving FAST. We’re definitely at the point in prep when I have ZERO time. Every second of my day is taken up with something for the film. And it’ll only get more intense as we get closer to Day 1. Which reminds me…

…we’ve set a start date! Friday, March 13. Yes, we’re starting production on Friday the 13th. But it’s a horror film, so it works. Plus, Friday the 13th has always been lucky for me.

Today was our first day of auditions. We saw a lot of INCREDIBLE actors for our four lead roles. In fact, we already have fantastic options for three of those.

One of the lead roles had me super nervous… I’ve been afraid this would be the most difficult role I’ve ever cast. Then today happened, and the FIRST actress to come in to read for that role BLEW ME AWAY. We’re still going to see more people — a LOT more, hahaha — but I am over the moon at how well today went!