Wrapped (…again)!

I know, I know... it's much too early for pickups! But there's always been this sequence that's bothered me all the way back to the script stage and I could never quite put my finger on why. Well, we recently watched David Fincher's new film 'Mank' and I was immediately inspired to take the sequence in a different direction... something that will be much more interesting for the story. A couple days later (today), we're


First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year is a weird one, not being able to visit people. But I'm much more buoyed than I expected to be... probably because, instead of Thanksgiving, it feels a bit more like Christmas morning... I purposely haven't provided any updates over the last several months because I didn't want to jinx anything. After the demoralizing postponement of Gateway, you can't be too careful. But last night, after many

Creativity: Our Cure for Depression

It was a rough go of it for a few weeks after postponing The Gateway House. It didn't help that Brian and I live in our primary location, which remained full of props and set dec for the shoot... a constant reminder of just how close we were. Then a couple weeks ago (few weeks ago? I really don't know... time has become meaningless in lockdown) Brian and I started brainstorming a new idea... something


Our Art Team was at our house all day yesterday painting, starting to dress the set, and building some of our more unique props. I was at a coffee shop all afternoon and evening working on the shot list. Our producers were doing... producer-y stuff. We were a day and a half away from production. Yesterday was also a big day for COVID-19. Tom Hanks tested positive. The NBA shut down its season. And several

One Week!

As of this morning, we're down to one week until the beginning of production. I'm equal parts excited and terrified, overwhelmed and confident. Most of that confidence stems, from the people I've surrounded myself with... the cast and crew are all incredible, to the point where sometimes I'm not sure I even have to do anything! Hahaha. Okay, but seriously... back to

Our Four Leads

We now officially have our four leads on board! And holy hell, they're all amazingly talented! HARPER Jessica Lynn Parsons EDIE Emily Elmore MAX Ashton Solecki OLLIE Matthew


I just got off a phone call with an amazingly successful actor who would significantly raise the profile of our little film. He says he typically doesn't consider films this small, but he took a chance on the script and loved it... and especially loved the character. If we can make the logistics work, it sounds like he's in! This would be dream casting, and I'm doing everything I can to keep my excitement in


Things have been moving FAST. We're definitely at the point in prep when I have ZERO time. Every second of my day is taken up with something for the film. And it'll only get more intense as we get closer to Day 1. Which reminds me... ...we've set a start date! Friday, March 13. Yes, we're starting production on Friday the 13th. But it's a horror film, so it works. Plus, Friday the 13th has

Crew Meetings

My DP is on board, in the form of my dear friend Rob. This was probably a foregone conclusion, but it still makes me happy and relieved he's now officially on the team. I met with Rob last week, as well as a few other potential crew members. No one else is officially on yet, but one of them was a Casting Director, and the thought of diving into casting has me super excited. Patience,

The Gateway House

We have a new title! Today, 'The Gateway House' was born. I mean, we're somewhere in the middle of draft 3, so the story was born a long time ago. But we had been operating off of a working title that, while Brian and I both liked, it didn't quite work for a few reasons. Draft 3 is starting to really come together. This whole endeavor is starting to feel more and more tangible. But