If no one is going to help you along the way, then I guess you gotta do it yourself.

That’s not the epiphany. This is…

We have everything we need to make a feature with the tiniest of budgets (okay, okay… not Primer or El Mariachi tiny, but not a whole lot more) and not have to rely on industry people to give us money. Talented friends to crew. A professional camera package. A house that we live in and is an instant free location.

All of that hit me while showering today. And the nugget of a story idea started to form. I rushed out (after dressing!) and pitched it (if you can call it a pitch) to Brian. He dug the nugget. But where can we take it? We’re not sure yet, but we do think there’s something there.

We’re still trying to get Reverb or Red Yesterday made, but we’re gonna start developing this idea too. Stay tuned!