Uphill Battle

There was something that was said by the producers in the meeting on Monday that I kinda glossed over at the time, but it was around the moment that the tone of the meeting changed. Thinking back on it now -- and reading between the lines a bit -- it seems to be a recurring theme with the initial excitement and then sudden cold feet we've experienced when it comes to financing Red Yesterday, and


If no one is going to help you along the way, then I guess you gotta do it yourself. That's not the epiphany. This is... We have everything we need to make a feature with the tiniest of budgets (okay, okay... not Primer or El Mariachi tiny, but not a whole lot more) and not have to rely on industry people to give us money. Talented friends to crew. A professional camera package. A house

Red Yesterday

Writing from Cincinnati... here for a personal matter, but figured I'd also get some prep done... location scouting and the like. And why, you ask? Well...   After Brian and I talked about the no-budget feature (entitled 'Red Yesterday') to shoot before the end of the year, we outlined it the next day. Super rough... not even written down. The quickest outline I've ever done. But it was enough. Brian spent the next ten days

Roller Coaster

Since pushing back from July 6, we were planning on shooting in November. As of today, November is no longer a reality. So now we're tentatively looking at March.   I've heard stories for years about the struggle and TIME it often takes to get an indie film off the ground. I'm seeing firsthand that reality, even while receiving tons of praise on the script. It's been two years now since the project's genesis, yet

Reverberations, Draft 9: Climaxing the Climax

The ink was barely dry on draft 8 when I had one of my infamous shower epiphanies (I have a theory as to why so many people get so many great ideas in the shower... ask me sometime!) This idea was mostly contained to Act 3, though there ended up being many unexpected (*gasp*) reverberations(!) throughout the rest of the script that we had to address. So after almost four months of sitting on draft

Reverberations, Draft 8: When Parents Attack!

LATE last night Brian and I finished the 8th draft of the script... a draft that began with me mentioning that I had a handful of tweaks I wanted to make after spending time combing through the script as part of my director prep. You know, just some tweaks. Riiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhtt. More than a month (and a few significant changes) later, we finally put it to bed. Mere moments before I put myself to bed (did

Not July 6

Aaaaaaaaannnnndd... we have officially pushed back production on Reverb. Not that this is a surprise; the writing's been on the wall for the last few weeks, as we don't yet have financing. BUT... Cleve had a meeting this morning with an entity that may very well finance the entire film! This guy read the script, and by all accounts, he loves it. He sent along some notes (which is great, as we recently began Draft

Adding Another Key

I had a really amazing meeting this afternoon with our new Production Designer! Welcome aboard, Emma Weston! I haven't worked with Emma before, but I've heard rave reviews from trusted sources. I also know her personally, and I have no doubt she'll be a blast to work with. And our "little" meeting today only solidified that promise... the creativity, passion, and excitement she brings is intoxicating. I really look forward to building the look of


We received two amazing pieces of news today... it looks like we've got ourselves distribution with TWO different companies! On the same day! Many many details still need to be worked out, so I can't really discuss specifics. But this is huge. Hopefully this lends our film the credibility we need to secure financing and/or attach recognizable talent. FINGERS

July 6

Yes, July 6. That's right, we set our start date. I know that seems like a small thing, especially so far out, but when we locked it in officially it really got me in the feels. Directing my first feature -- a goal for which I've been striving for 16 years -- instantly became much more tangible. Now, I know logistics can pop up and we might have to slide the date. Hell, we still