It’s apparently impossible for Brian and I to tell a “simple” story. Thankfully, we didn’t involve anything like time travel or a nonlinear structure this time. And almost the entire film takes place in one location… a house. Should be easy, right? Except this story takes place across four different planes of existence.

This has been a tough script to break structurally. Between navigating the planes of existence and how to dish out the necessary exposition, we’re also working hard at character development. This is actually a fairly sizable cast given the narrative’s narrow expanse.

We started outlining almost exactly a year ago. Draft 2 was just completed, and now we’re spending the afternoon doing some additional structural outlining. And then right back into draft 3! It’s been quite the journey so far.

If we can get the script to a good enough place, we’re hoping to go into production at the end of the year… or early in 2020, at the latest.

If you’re reading this from the States, have a very Happy 4th! Enjoy your celebrations and time with loved ones. Now for me… back to work!