A few weeks ago the SCA community received devastating news… beloved editing professor Norman Hollyn passed away suddenly. Today was his memorial.

The entire event was a conflict of emotions. To celebrate Norm’s life and to mourn his death, a generation of students, faculty, and staff convened for the memorial… some people I hadn’t seen in many years. On one hand it was wonderful to reconnect, though the circumstances made it much more difficult. But we were all able to take solace in the knowledge that Norm would have LOVED this gathering bringing people together.

I’ve often said there were four instructors at SCA who I can point to who were most influential in making me the filmmaker I am today. Norm was one of them. He was also a dear friend. I will forever miss his laugh and his guidance. Norm, thank you for your wisdom, humor, and generosity, and for all you’ve done for the SC community through the years.