Delivered Final Marketplace Films

I’ve barely slept since my last post. But I finished the two short videos on budget and on time. One is a 2001: A Space Odyssey parody explaining corporations, and the other is a Forrest Gump parody explaining shares. Both are posted in portfolio. Check them

Wrapped on Marketplace

Aaaannnnndd… wrapped! The last eight days have been pretty insane. The four videos got trimmed to two (which helped tremendously!) but those were also the most production heavy pieces. We shot 14 hours today. I’ll be getting the footage from Zack tomorrow and then a 4-day long editing marathon. For now, I


I shouldn’t be taking the time to even write this, but I’ll be brief. I met with Nishat and Paddy Hirsch at the Marketplace offices this morning. It was a really great meeting, and I got to pitch them a couple ideas, which they seemed to love. AND… I’m officially hired to direct four short videos for them. But I have to deliver all four in less than two weeks, so… off I go to

Possible Paid Gig?

Draft one is still in progress, but we’ve also begun the second draft. We’re trying an interesting workflow that will get us a completed second draft much sooner than otherwise.   But this isn’t the main reason I’m writing today. I received an out-of-the-blue message from an old friend from undergrad, Trevor Knoblich. He asked if I would have any interest in directing some short videos for Marketplace, the economic/business arm of NPR. My interest