Norm Hollyn

A few weeks ago the SCA community received devastating news... beloved editing professor Norman Hollyn passed away suddenly. Today was his memorial. The entire event was a conflict of emotions. To celebrate Norm's life and to mourn his death, a generation of students, faculty, and staff convened for the memorial... some people I hadn't seen in many years. On one hand it was wonderful to reconnect, though the circumstances made it much more difficult. But

Feature Script

Amidst all the drudgery of real life and the banality of the day job, today will be viewed as a momentous occasion.   Today I completed my first pass of the feature script currently titled 'Epicurean Delight'. My current plan is to shoot this -- my first feature film -- next summer. Next step is to get fresh eyes on it... in the form of writing partner/roommate/'Butterfly Dust' scribe, Eric Jones. After we work on