Things are getting extremely busy on the ‘Unbroken Angels’ front. We just filled in our last remaining key crew member, which I was a little nervous about there for a couple days! Now we need to work on filling in all of the other secondary (yet no less important!) positions.


And then there’s the rest of our team… the actors! Casting will begin very soon. One of my favorite parts of directing… and I can’t wait!


We’ve locked two of our locations… the house which will be used for all three time periods in the story, as well as a sound stage for The Void. We’re trying to lock down a carousel, but it’s been challenging. AND… we’re still on the lookout for a school. So if you have any suggestions or connections, please let me know! It’s a standard school interior hallway, preferably with lockers on either side.


In the midst of all the logistics, I’m trying to spend all of my remaining free time on the creative… shot listing, aesthetics outline, visual research, etc. A director’s work is never done… and that’s how I like it!


Just a little of that visual research

Just a little of that visual research I was talking about