YesICAN 20th Anniversary & ‘Unbroken Angels’ Celebration

At long last, the Unbroken Angels saga came to a close tonight. YesICAN had their big 20th Anniversary event, which doubled as a celebration of Unbroken Angels. We had many of the cast and crew at the event, and Hannah even flew out from Tennessee with a couple band mates to perform for the attendees. It was a fun, laid back night. Of course, you can still find Unbroken Angels online, and we’re still looking

‘Unbroken Angels’ is LIVE!

Yes, the day is finally here. Today we LAUNCH! Many thanks to everyone who made this a reality.   You can check out the video below OR in my portfolio on this site (where you can also get some more info about the project). Hope you enjoy. And PLEASE

Picture Lock!

Great news... we're now officially picture locked! That means we only have three more things to do before we can share it with the world:   1) Visual Effects... we have a few visual effects shots in the piece (that I'm creating myself), and they need to be finished. They're already pretty solid, but I want to touch them up a little bit before we step away entirely.   2) Color Grading... our Director of

Test Screening

We are now in the very late stages of post. After working on the notes we got from Alexis and Gwydhar and polishing a few other things, yesterday we held a small, intimate test screening with a few select, trusted individuals to get some fresh eyes on the cut. The response was overwhelmingly positive (there wasn't a dry eye in the room!) But we did get some more good notes about a few things we

Director’s Cut!

Erik (our illustrious editor!) and I have spent LOTS of time together the last few weeks, molding the cut to get as close to my initial vision as possible. To be frank, we are both extremely happy with it. But we've also been working in our own little bubble this whole time, and getting the perspective of others is a crucial part of the process. That happened tonight.   We had a producer screening earlier

Wrap Party!

Tonight was our wrap party. Many thanks to our gracious host, Sue Meier, and all the other YesICAN folks! It was great fun to just relax and turn off the brain for a few hours.   The hard drive (with the transcoded footage, of course!) is in the hands of our esteemed editor, Erik Vogt-Nilsen. And I just saw the first cut on Wednesday. They say that the film will never be as good as

Day 3 of 3

And we're WRAPPED!!!   Many thanks to our cast and crew! This was a fun, albeit difficult shoot. I look forward to sharing the finished product with everyone.   But for now... I sleep. A very long time.   The kids in the Void   With the camera rolling, Hannah McNeil singing her beautiful song that started it all   Rock star producer, Alexis Boozer Sterling, with our wonderful

Day 2 of 3

Today was a REALLY long day. This may have been the most ambitious shot list I've ever had for a single day. But we got it.   Collaborating with Zack Charney Cohen, our DP   Dove Meir (Paul) during a camera rehearsal   Kai Caster (Drew) preparing for a

Day 1 of 3

The first part of Day 1 was spent at the School location. Second half was at our Tree. It was a long day, but we got lots of great stuff. Of course, it helps when you're surrounded by phenomenally talented individuals, on both sides of the camera.   To whet your appetite, here are a couple pics from set at the School...   The hallway... fits so well with our green color palette!   The


Craziness abounds. I barely have time to breathe.   We are mostly cast. Just waiting to hear back from a couple folks we reached out to. But man, casting was fun this go-round. We had an amazing Casting Director, Jami Rudofsky, and she brought in a lot of really great talent. And let me tell you, having too much talent is never the problem. This made it easier on us, as we're not only trying