Craziness abounds. I barely have time to breathe.


We are mostly cast. Just waiting to hear back from a couple folks we reached out to. But man, casting was fun this go-round. We had an amazing Casting Director, Jami Rudofsky, and she brought in a lot of really great talent. And let me tell you, having too much talent is never the problem. This made it easier on us, as we’re not only trying to find the best actors, but also trying to match looks, as we spend time with four generations of the same lineage in this piece. I feel fantastic about the way our cast is shaping up.


We got our school, and we JUST locked our carousel. Both will look phenomenal in the piece!


Okay, enough of a break for Tony. Now back to prep!


The Carousel we'll be shooting at!

The Carousel we’ll be shooting at!