I recently got involved with a non-profit organization called YesICAN, the International Child Advocacy Network. Their mission is working worldwide to raise awareness of domestic violence and child abuse, and to break the silence and cycle of abuse. A Nashville singer/songwriter named Hannah McNeil wrote and recorded a song called ‘Unbroken Angels’ to honor those children who have lost their lives to child abuse. She donated that song to YesICAN, allowing them to use it in whatever capacity they want.


YesICAN then reached out to me to direct a music video for the song to help raise awareness. I say a music video, but it’s more of a PSA disguised as a music video. I immediately started playing the song on a loop to brainstorm ideas for the video. I had some intriguing thoughts, but it wasn’t until I heard a certain statistic about child abuse that the idea really started to take shape.


“Approximately one out of every three boys who is physically abused will engage in criminal or anti-social behavior later in life, often including the abuse of his own children.”


That stat was like a punch to the gut, and instantly an idea sparked. A few days later I pitched that concept to the good folks at YesICAN, and they loved it. So here we go!


Since YesICAN is a non-profit, they don’t really have the money to fund a music video. So we’ll be doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money. So please be on the lookout for that, and help out however you can! In the meantime, you can check out their website at yesican.org.


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