Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers and grandmothers out there! For so many of us pursuing our dreams, there is a mother standing behind us in support and as inspiration. I would like to offer our heartfelt ‘thank you’ to every mother behind the scenes, as well as my own mom… for being instrumental in molding me into the person and filmmaker I am today.


Things have gotten a little crazy out here in La-La Land. An actor friend of mine, Ernie — who happens to look a LOT like Jimi Hendrix AND plays guitar left-handed — had some producer-types reach out to him and instructed him to make a “sizzle reel” of Ernie portraying Jimi. A sizzle reel is kind of like a trailer, but not for an existing film. Which means, quite often, the material needs to be created to put together the sizzle reel. As soon as Ernie was off the phone with them, he called me to direct it, and I, of course, said yes. On a very quick turnaround and with very little money, we put together something we’re all very proud of. You can check it out in my portfolio above!  So best of luck to Ernie, and I hope you all enjoy.


Now that we have that finished, my efforts are focused back on ‘Butterfly Dust’, for which I have an announcement… ‘Butterfly Dust’ has been accepted into its first festival! The Other Venice Film Festival, taking place October 10-12 right here in sunny SoCal. We’re hoping to get into other fests that will screen before then, but this is a great start!


Other Venice FF_OfficialLaurel