Reverberations, Draft 4: The Shapening

Remember all those wonderful notes we got on draft 3? Brian and I discussed at great length every single one of them. Many we addressed. Others we tossed. Some weren't immediately relevant, but sparked ideas that led us down some pretty cool rabbit holes. This draft expanded by a couple pages (I had been hoping to shave a few... c'est la vie!), but I feel it got significantly stronger. And at the end of the

Great Feedback!

They love it! They really love it! We’ve now gotten notes back from all four folks, and we got a lot of great notes (and a few bad ones!) But overwhelmingly they all loved it.   Brian and I are moving on to Draft 4 to address some of those notes (and a few thoughts he and I have had), but now we start reaching out to potential investors. It looks like the financing is

Reverberations, Draft 3; OR How I Drive Myself Crazy Waiting on Notes

Brian and I finished Draft 3 of ‘Reverberations’ this afternoon! And then we immediately sent it out to four trusted folks to read it and give notes. We’re both very happy with it, but this part is always incredibly nerve-wracking. We’ve been living in our little bubble these last few months; as much as we like it, the script could suck. Hopefully someone sends their feedback to us quickly so I can breathe

Reverberations, Draft 2

Draft 2 of Reverberations is now finished! Oh, by the way, our time travel feature is entitled ‘Reverberations’. Tonight I’m drinking to celebrate. And then Brian and I dive right into the third draft tomorrow morning. I have a 3-day weekend, and we’re hoping to take a giant step forward before I go back to work Tuesday. Fingers

Delivered Final Marketplace Films

I’ve barely slept since my last post. But I finished the two short videos on budget and on time. One is a 2001: A Space Odyssey parody explaining corporations, and the other is a Forrest Gump parody explaining shares. Both are posted in portfolio. Check them

Wrapped on Marketplace

Aaaannnnndd… wrapped! The last eight days have been pretty insane. The four videos got trimmed to two (which helped tremendously!) but those were also the most production heavy pieces. We shot 14 hours today. I’ll be getting the footage from Zack tomorrow and then a 4-day long editing marathon. For now, I


I shouldn’t be taking the time to even write this, but I’ll be brief. I met with Nishat and Paddy Hirsch at the Marketplace offices this morning. It was a really great meeting, and I got to pitch them a couple ideas, which they seemed to love. AND… I’m officially hired to direct four short videos for them. But I have to deliver all four in less than two weeks, so… off I go to

Possible Paid Gig?

Draft one is still in progress, but we’ve also begun the second draft. We’re trying an interesting workflow that will get us a completed second draft much sooner than otherwise.   But this isn’t the main reason I’m writing today. I received an out-of-the-blue message from an old friend from undergrad, Trevor Knoblich. He asked if I would have any interest in directing some short videos for Marketplace, the economic/business arm of NPR. My interest

YesICAN 20th Anniversary & ‘Unbroken Angels’ Celebration

At long last, the Unbroken Angels saga came to a close tonight. YesICAN had their big 20th Anniversary event, which doubled as a celebration of Unbroken Angels. We had many of the cast and crew at the event, and Hannah even flew out from Tennessee with a couple band mates to perform for the attendees. It was a fun, laid back night. Of course, you can still find Unbroken Angels online, and we’re still looking

Time Travel

The corkboard is full of index cards! We have a movie! Sort of…   Much of it actually came pretty easily. But there were some rather complex sequences that required several hours of deliberation. Working through the logistics of time travel can do that. Oh, have I mentioned it’s a time travel flick? A relationship drama told through the prism of time travel. So, you know, sci-fi that can be done on a micro-budget. The