Restructuring the Structure

It's apparently impossible for Brian and I to tell a "simple" story. Thankfully, we didn't involve anything like time travel or a nonlinear structure this time. And almost the entire film takes place in one location... a house. Should be easy, right? Except this story takes place across four different planes of existence. This has been a tough script to break structurally. Between navigating the planes of existence and how to dish out the necessary

Norm Hollyn

A few weeks ago the SCA community received devastating news... beloved editing professor Norman Hollyn passed away suddenly. Today was his memorial. The entire event was a conflict of emotions. To celebrate Norm's life and to mourn his death, a generation of students, faculty, and staff convened for the memorial... some people I hadn't seen in many years. On one hand it was wonderful to reconnect, though the circumstances made it much more difficult. But


For the last few years, I've been taking headshot-type photos for all of my Front Desk student workers during their new hire process, to be put in the "on duty" display case during their shifts. I've received countless rave reviews from students, faculty, and staff... as well as the student workers themselves. Last week another student named Anna (who doesn't work for me) asked if I would be willing to take headshots for her. In

Uphill Battle

There was something that was said by the producers in the meeting on Monday that I kinda glossed over at the time, but it was around the moment that the tone of the meeting changed. Thinking back on it now -- and reading between the lines a bit -- it seems to be a recurring theme with the initial excitement and then sudden cold feet we've experienced when it comes to financing Red Yesterday, and

Not so fast…

Brian and I had the follow-up in-person meeting today. They're not interested in financing the film, but instead they may be providing an LOI for distribution. Not quite the homerun we were hoping for, but at least it's

Big Development?

This afternoon Brian and I had a fantastic Skype meeting (virtual meetings are WEIRD) with the producer and owner of a small production company/international sales agent. He loved our pitch for 'Red Yesterday' and seems very interested in financing the film. We're scheduling an in-person meeting soon to go into more detail. Fingers crossed, but this is the most solid development we've had in quite awhile, so it's hard to keep my optimism in check.


If no one is going to help you along the way, then I guess you gotta do it yourself. That's not the epiphany. This is... We have everything we need to make a feature with the tiniest of budgets (okay, okay... not Primer or El Mariachi tiny, but not a whole lot more) and not have to rely on industry people to give us money. Talented friends to crew. A professional camera package. A house

More Prep

I'm sitting at LAX waiting for my flight to Cincy. Spending about a week back home visiting folks, plus a fair amount of prep on Red Yesterday. I have a couple meetings scheduled, as well as lots of location scouting... several high schools, a couple bars, an old covered bridge, and I'm REALLY hoping to get to see the Ghost

Red Yesterday, Draft 4: The Witch

A few weeks ago we received some pretty amazing script notes from a major Hollywood player. Not only were we blown away by his generosity, but his in-depth thoughts and critiques really allowed us to look at the film from a different angle and ultimately find a way to expand on an under-utilized thread in the script. Since then, Brian and I have been back to work... adding, cutting, revamping, trimming, reshaping. It's been a

Perhaps A Little Too Crazy…

...And it all fell apart. Just about as quickly as it began. Well, not really fell apart... just postponed. We ultimately weren't able to secure all of the necessary financing, and now that we're less than a month out, we had to make the difficult decision to push back. No new dates set, but hoping for sometime in the spring.   This is far and away the most prep I've ever done on a project