Reverberations, Draft 7: The Sisterhood of the (Time) Traveling Glass

Wowza! What an intense draft we finished last night. I don't think Brian or I realized just how much we'd be working on. It wasn't quite a page-one rewrite, but at times it almost felt like one. Obviously we need to sit with it awhile, but early returns... we love what we've done. AND... we cut EIGHT PAGES!!! That means we're down to a pretty lean 100 even. 100 pages has been my goal for

Character Through Music

I had a really wonderful couple-hour meeting with a potential composer today. This is someone I've worked with before and have a great relationship with, which allowed us to focus on story and character; we really only touched on ideas for the score. More detailed discussions on the music will come down the road. The best part is I was able to draw a bit of inspiration that will help Brian and I as we

What’s Past Is Prologue

The last batch of notes we received on the script sparked a singular idea... we need to begin with a Prologue of sorts. As we started to flesh out the concept, our excitement grew at how much this provided us in being able to tweak and trim other things throughout the script. And just like that... Draft 6 is

Cleve(land) ROCKS!

We officially hired our producer today! Welcome aboard Cleve Nettles! The three of us clicked right away when we met, he LOVES the script, and has provided lots of amazing insight already. I'm extraordinarily happy (and relieved!) he's now part of the Reverb team. Now begins in earnest the often painful task of securing financing. Sooooo... if you know anyone who has some extra cash and might want to invest in a movie, put us

Producers: Like a Needle in a Haystack

We spent the last week and a half interviewing prospective producers for the film. Brian and I will also be producing... and while we are both confident in our producing capabilities, the one area he and I are lacking in terms of experience is in securing financing and distribution. So we thought it would be prudent to bring someone on board who can take the lead on that front. We've already met several great people

Twas the Night After Christmas…

...when Draft 5 was complete. Not even the holiday, Could delay this feat. Brian and Tony wrote, Throughout the days and nights, In the hope that the script, Would become focused and tight. Nine pages were cut, And they bounded with glee, But they soon found themselves, In bed fast

When Inspiration Rains, It Pours

It took an absurdly long while to receive notes back from folks on Draft 4. On the bright side, Brian and I got to distance ourselves from the script a bit... certainly more than expected. And with that distance came new perspective when we finally dove back in. We've been working on the 5th draft for about the last three weeks and are making great progress. In addition to parsing through this round of feedback,

Reverberations: Casting Director!

Last week I was put in touch with a Casting Director who comes very highly recommended by an extremely trusted source. I sent her the script, and earlier today she and I spoke for almost an hour by phone. First, let me say how unbelievably cool she is. She seems excited about the project, and has some really great ideas about the direction we can go in casting. I know this is somewhat cryptic, but

Reverb Pushed Back

Brian and I have been discussing for a few weeks the possibility of pushing back production, as we continue to search for financing, but I learned some information tonight that will make that official. We're now looking at a shoot in either March or June. While this is somewhat disappointing, the silver lining is that I now have much more time to prep. And more prep time is every director's dream! And although the script

DP: No-Brainer

I had coffee with one of my dearest friends in LA this morning, Rob Edgecomb. It was equal parts catching up AND discussing my feature, 'Reverberations'. I sent him the script, and he really dug it. Had some really good feedback for us, and it was just a great conversation in general. I asked him to shoot it (I haven't been shy about wanting Rob to shoot my first feature since we wrapped 'Found' over