Writing from Cincinnati… here for a personal matter, but figured I’d also get some prep done… location scouting and the like. And why, you ask? Well…


After Brian and I talked about the no-budget feature (entitled ‘Red Yesterday’) to shoot before the end of the year, we outlined it the next day. Super rough… not even written down. The quickest outline I’ve ever done. But it was enough. Brian spent the next ten days writing the first draft. I read it. It was good. Still needed work. But very good. This crazy, stupid, possibly brilliant idea was a little closer to reality!


Then he and I spent the next 15 days working on the second draft. In the meantime, I started reaching out to crew, as well as an amazing actress (and dear friend) to be the lead, and some potential private investors.


As of this writing, we already have half the budget and several people attached, on both sides of the camera. With the plan to shoot in Cincy over two weeks in December. Pending the rest of the (minuscule) budget coming through, this may not be so crazy afterall!