Since pushing back from July 6, we were planning on shooting in November. As of today, November is no longer a reality. So now we’re tentatively looking at March.


I’ve heard stories for years about the struggle and TIME it often takes to get an indie film off the ground. I’m seeing firsthand that reality, even while receiving tons of praise on the script. It’s been two years now since the project’s genesis, yet I must remain patient as there are examples of films taking five or even ten years to get made. Patient, but no less frustrated.


I was driving home from work tonight listening to a film podcast. A couple indie filmmakers were being interviewed about their new film. And this was one such example of taking several years. Somewhere in the middle of those several years they decided to just go out and make something, on virtually no budget. Hearing this was strangely inspiring for me. My mind raced. I paused the podcast and drove the rest of the way home with nothing but my thoughts to entertain me.


I remembered Brian telling me about a feature idea he had several years prior. It was a supernatural thriller that was a pretty cool concept… and one that could be done on virtually no budget. As soon as I walked in the front door I asked him about it. Specifically, can we get it put together to shoot in November in place of Reverb. Pushing to March is fine. But there’s no guarantee that March will happen. And what I really don’t want is to be sitting here another year from now still not having shot a feature. This is a way to take control back and MAKE it happen.


This is probably bat-shit crazy. And just plain stupid. But it could potentially be kinda brilliant. And because of that, the frustration has been replaced with excitement and hope. Time will tell how all this pans out…